100% Orange Juice Wiki
A randomly chosen unit is KO'd.
Hyper Info
13 ★
"Why not use this to decide whose turn it is?" - Yuki


Yuki's Hyper is Gamble! When used, it will instantly KO one random non-KO'd unit. This can also affect the player.


Gamble! as the name implies, is a Hyper that randomly KOs a single player with the chance of KOing the player themself. The main advantage of this Hyper is that the KO effect goes through any health amount which can be effective against opponents such as Krilalaris who have the potential to have very high health. The Hyper itself is unique in that it does not deal damage, it simply KO's the opponent. Thus, "Gamble!" will ignore the effects of  Solid Witch and  Crystal Barrier and KO the opponent. Assuming "Gamble!" hits a favorable target, it can be used to delay a player from achieving a Norma or to prevent them from attacking the player. A very common use of the Hyper is to use it with the intention of suicide, which often happens. This is ideal when Yuki has low health, as she will revive with full health, once again. Another minor advantage of the Hyper is also that it is extremely cheap among Hypers.

The obvious downside to the Hyper, as to be expected, is that the player using the Hyper is included in the pool of potential victims. The only influence the player has over the Hyper is using it when other players are already KO'd, thus increasing the odds of a specific player being KO'd. The KO dealt also does not grant any wins, nor does the KO'd player drop any stars.